Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 263 Website

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Welcome to Buckeye's Cub Scout Pack 263

Why Cub Scouts?

The ten purposes of Cub Scouting are:

  1. Character Development
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Good Citizenship
  4. Sportsmanship and Fitness
  5. Family Understanding
  6. Respectful Relationships
  7. Personal Achievement
  8. Friendly Service
  9. Fun and Adventure
  10. Preparation for Boy Scouts

Pack 263 believes Scouting teaches Boys skills and life lessons that will carry them through life.
Through family-centered activities Cub Scouting helps boys learn about being TRUSTWORTHY, LOYAL, HELPFUL, FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, KIND, OBEDIENT, CHEERFUL, THRIFTY, BRAVE, CLEAN, and REVERENT.

We meet weekly, offering the boys a program where they can learn interactively. We participate in community service, camp outs, community events, and BSA sponsored events.

We welcome families to come check us out any time during the year and learn what Scouting is all about!